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February 02, 2021
Beata Leja

6 Things You Can Do NOW to Prepare for Immigration Reform!

On his first day in office on January 20, 2021, President Biden sent to Congress the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, a comprehensive immigration reform bill that, if passed, would create a path to permanent residence (a green card) and...

January 27, 2021
Anna Buskila

Key Immigration Policy Changes and Proposed Immigration Reform Bill by President Biden

On his first day in office, President Biden and his administration took several immigration-related executive actions, from reversing some of the most devastating policies of the last four years to presenting immigration reform legislation to Congress. Below is a summary...

USCIS is Ordered to Begin Accepting New DACA Applications & Advance Parole Applications

On June 18, 2020, nearly a month ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Trump Administration’s decision to cancel DACA was “arbitrary and capricious,” effectively reinstating the program in full to its version under President Obama. Surprisingly, the U.S....

March 24, 2020
Zeena Barazanji

Effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on H-1B Employment

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had extensive impact on H-1B employment, and the circumstances and policies continue to change on a daily basis. The following is a summary of the key ways that the pandemic has impacted H-1B employers and...

Impact of Coronavirus on your Immigration Case with MMH & Seeking 30 Day Extension for those on VWP/ESTA

As you may already know, our office has closed to the public in order to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We know your immigration case is important to you and we continue to work remotely to...

March 13, 2020
Zeena Barazanji

Coronavirus Alert: European Travel Ban

On March 11, 2020, President Trump issued a proclamation prohibiting the entry of foreign nationals who have been physically present within any European countries in the Schengen Area within the last 14 days. The Schengen Area includes the following European Union countries:...

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As you know COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, is spreading across the United States.  Our primary concern is your health and well-being.  While the U.S. government and its agencies have not yet announced any changes to immigration-related policies, deadlines or appointments...

February 26, 2020
Beata Leja

Preparing for Potential Encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents

In an effort to crack down on so-called “sanctuary cities,” the federal government recently announced it will deploy enhanced law enforcement tactical units, essentially “SWAT teams,” to help round up undocumented immigrants. The units are being sent to Chicago, New...


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