Best Green Card Lawyers in Chicago

Best Green Card Lawyers in Chicago

Many immigrants to the United States go through the process of becoming permanent residents. This status means the same thing as “having a green card.” Even in the most straightforward cases, the immigration process to the United States can be complex. People who hire the best green card lawyers in Chicago benefit from the deep knowledge and experience that such attorneys provide. 

The United States grants permanent residency status to people for three main reasons:

  • The person is employed in the United States
  • The person wishes to reunite with family in the country
  • The person is seeking refugee or asylum status from certain situations

Each of these cards has different requirements that an immigrant must meet.

Requirements for Employment Green Cards

Even within the category of employment green cards, there are many ways to obtain permanent resident status. Often, an organization offers to vouch for an immigrant that they hire to come work in the United States. This process can help the new employee get a green card in order to work legally. 

Someone may also obtain an employment-based green card if they:

  • Invest in an organization that then creates jobs within the United States
  • Obtain a National Interest Waiver
  • Demonstrate extraordinary skills that are valuable in the United States
  • Work in specific positions, including Iraqi translator, Panama Canal employee, or broadcaster

Who Can Obtain a Family-Based Green Card

People who have family members in the United States can apply for permanent resident status if they have a family member who is in the United States as a citizen. The citizen relative and hopeful immigrant must have one of the following relations:

  • Spouse
  • Children (though there are preferences that apply to the child’s age and marital status)
  • Parents when the child is a citizen over the age of 21
  • People in special categories, such as those who were born to foreign diplomats and domestic violence survivors

In some cases, family members may be able to obtain green cards if their loved one in the United States holds a green card rather than citizenship.

Green Cards for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

The United States can grant entry to the country when people flee unsafe situations and persecution. These situations can change based on world events and politics. In general, people who enter the country as asylees or refugees can apply for green cards once one year has passed since they gained asylum or refugee status. Green cards are required for refugees after one year, but just an option for asylees.

Why Work with the Best Green Card Lawyers in Chicago

As a Welcoming City, Chicago is proudly home to immigrants from around the world and lawyers who want to help. While it’s technically possible to file for and receive a green card without a lawyer, doing so is risky. 

The laws that govern immigration, the forms that green card applicants file, and the politics of immigration in the United States can all be difficult to navigate without an experienced attorney on your side. Even one small mistake on a green card application can cause a person to be unable to obtain permanent resident status.

As the best green card lawyers in Chicago, Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan are ready to help. We can assess your unique situation, give you the best plan for immigration, and ensure all your paperwork is filed correctly.


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