Best Immigration Attorney Near Chicago

Best Immigration Attorney Near Chicago

The process of becoming a citizen of a foreign nation can be especially difficult given the modern environment characterized by increasing global turmoil and further complicated by the pandemic. Understanding what to do and when in the immigration process can be confusing, and not knowing what to do or how can delay your application. 

A Chicago immigration attorney such as those at Minsky, McCormick, and Hallaghan, PC, will have the knowledge and experience you need to support your application and realize the best possible chances of success in your efforts at becoming a U.S. citizen. 

The Immigration System of the United States Can Be Complex

Within the borders of the United States, the immigration system is governed by a number of governmental bodies that work together to complete various aspects of the immigration experience. As noted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the general provisions of laws that are enacted by Congress are then implemented by regulations that are issued through various Executive branch agencies. These regulations are published within the pages of the Federal Register, which are then collected and published within the Code of Federal Regulations, often referred to as the CFR. 

Understanding which parts of the CFR are relevant to your case and the place in the process where your immigration application is can be very difficult. This is where an experienced immigration attorney can make the difference between an application proceeding through processing and having the best chance of approval or an application being delayed indefinitely or denied altogether. 

Applying for U.S. Citizenship is a Lengthy Process

The United States Government provides various paths to U.S. citizenship that are open to individuals seeking out such a classification. Before becoming a U.S. citizen, it is required that you have held a green card for a certain amount of time, which varies depending on whether you are trying to become a citizen on your own or have a spouse who is already a U.S. citizen. 

Once you have had the green card for the requisite amount of time, you must then also complete a 10-step naturalization process. The process includes a determination of your eligibility, in addition to the completion of required forms, taking the U.S. Naturalization Test, and going through a personal interview. An immigration attorney can help you do your best on the tests and interviews, and they will know how to correctly fill out the appropriate forms to support your effort at becoming a citizen

Reach Out To One of the Best Immigration Attorneys Near Chicago

The outcome of immigration matters is generally far better if you use an experienced attorney to advocate for your rights. If you are encountering an issue or have a question about the immigration process in the United States, reach out to an attorney today. Request a consultation with one of the best immigration attorneys near Chicago today. Minsky, McCormick, and Hallaghan are here to help. 


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