Chicago Immigration Attorneys

Chicago Immigration Attorneys

It seems as if immigration rules are always changing these days. Immigration rules and laws are complex enough on their own as you seek to follow the requirements. Families end up being caught in the middle as you or your loved one’s immigration status ends up being the foremost thing on your minds. 

You need an attorney who is not only experienced but also is informed about new developments in the law and how it is applied and enforced. Not only that, but your immigration attorney must also be compassionate and able to deal with the family dynamics that are often a part of immigration law issues. This means that an immigration attorney should be able to see things through their clients’ eyes and understand their goals. We understand that some immigration matters involve sensitive family or humanitarian issues, and we commit to representing you with dignity and thoughtfulness. 

A Full-Service Immigration Law Firm

The Chicago immigration attorneys at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan are experienced advocates assisting clients with a full range of immigration matters. We are a full-service immigration law firm, and our services include the following:

This is just a partial list, as our attorneys are experienced and able to handle all immigration matters. We have been assisting the public since 1975. Unlike other firms, all we do is immigration law, allowing us to devote all of our attention to remaining leaders in this practice area. 

We Are Your Guide to the Immigration Process

As a business or individual, the success of your immigration matter may come down to how well you have followed the legal and paperwork requirements. Even small errors in paperwork can cause issues. At best, they could result in serious delays. Our attorneys not only provide you with legal advice, but we will help with your paperwork to ensure that it is done correctly. 

If you are a business, we will advise you on strategies that can assist you with getting the workers that you require for your company. There are a number of different visa programs that could help companies, and we are intimately familiar with all of them. We will learn your business’ needs and partner with you on common-sense immigration solutions. 

We understand that the immigration law process can seem difficult and intimidating. The system is designed with a level of formality that can scare people who are dealing with a high-stakes matter. Our attorneys could break things down for you in a relatable manner while helping guide you through the process. There is no need to go through the immigration process alone when our knowledgeable attorneys are here to help.

Ask a Chicago Immigration Attorney for Assistance

Contact the Chicago immigration attorneys at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan online to learn how we can help you. Our attorneys are ready to put their deep experience to work for you or your business to guide you through the complicated maze that is the immigration system.


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