Chicago Immigration Lawyers

Chicago Immigration Lawyers

There are many different ways to obtain a visa or green card. You can be sponsored by a relative or employer, or you can claim student status while enrolled in a qualifying educational program. Your immediate family members may also be eligible for a lawful immigration status. Whatever your situation is, the experienced Chicago immigration lawyers at Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan are here to help. Schedule your consultation today to learn about the best immigration options for your unique situation. In the meantime, learn more about options for immigrating based upon family sponsorship, sponsorship by an employer, and status as a student: 

Immigration Sponsored By a Family Member

United States citizens can sponsor certain family members for a visa. Immediate family members (spouses, unmarried children, and parents) can be eligible for an Immediate Relative Visa, which comes with no annual cap and is, therefore, more readily accessible than a Family Preference Visa. Family Preference is extended to married children and siblings of citizens, as well as spouses and unmarried children of Lawful Permanent Residents (green card holders). An experienced immigration lawyer can help you find the most appropriate visa for your family’s situation. 

Immigration Sponsored By an Employer

Employers can also sponsor lawful entry into the United States. A short visa trip might require only a temporary business visitor visa. This is limited in both scope and duration: the holder may only stay in the United States for a short, set time limit. The types of business activities that can be conducted are limited to those of a temporary nature (for example, attending a business conference). Longer visas and green cards can be sponsored by an employer. This process is, however, time and cost-intensive. Employers must register with the Department of Labor. There are fees and extensive paperwork. This is why most employers are hesitant to sponsor a single employee. Large corporations with immigration programs in place are more likely to be able to handle the time, effort, and costs associated with becoming an immigration sponsor.

Immigration Options For Students

Students – and in some cases, their immediate family members – can be eligible for immigration without being sponsored by a family member or employer. This requires the visa holder to maintain enrollment in a qualifying educational program. If the student drops out or does not meet other program requirements, the visa could become invalid. This could also affect the status of family members’ visas that are dependent upon the student’s immigration status. Students should be prepared for any changes that could affect their immigration status, such as graduation or accepting off-campus employment. 

Experienced Chicago Immigration Lawyers For All Sponsorships and Cases

For years, immigrants have trusted the Chicago immigration lawyers at Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan to protect their legal rights. We will fight for you, too. Whether you are entering the country on business, as a student, or sponsored by a family member, we know how to fight for the proper lawful immigration status to which you are entitled. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you have an experienced immigration lawyer advising you on your legal rights, the faster and easier the immigration process will be. 


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