Citizenship Attorney 60126

Citizenship Attorney 60126

Do you currently hold a green card? Do you live in the 60126 zip code? If so, you need to speak to a citizenship attorney. While you’re offered many advantages as a green card holder, citizenship will give you further privileges. Consult with Minsky McCormick & Hallagan about your options today. 

Why Becoming a Citizen is Advantageous

One thing green card holders often ask is if full U.S. citizenship is worth their time and effort. From an immigration lawyer’s point of view, the answer is “yes.” However, green card holders may still stop their immigration journey as lawful permanent residents. 

Removing the Threat of Deportation

As a green card holder, an immigrant can work and live in the U.S. However, they’re still subject to removal. On the other hand, citizens are tried in the U.S., which takes away the threat of deportation.

Immediate Green Card Processing

Maybe you want to get green cards for other family members. To accomplish this goal, you have to become a U.S. citizen. U.S. citizens can petition family members for green cards who enjoy shorter wait times. 

Moreover, immediate family members enjoy priority dates, which means applicants do not have to wait to get processed. Their applications go through immediately at the USCIS. In contrast, dependents and spouses of lawful permanent residents (or green card holders) must apply for an F2 green card, which carries a substantially longer waiting period (sometimes as long as two years). 

Children of Naturalized Citizens Also Become Citizens

Also, green card holders who undergo naturalization and become U.S. citizens give this privilege to their children. All dependents under a naturalized citizen’s care, who are under the age of 18, will also become citizens of the U.S. Green card holders cannot pass this privilege along to their offspring.

Spouses of U.S. citizens, who have been green card holders for three years and have lived with their U.S. citizen spouses, can also become naturalized citizens.

Lower Costs

It’s also important to consider the expense of remaining a green card holder. Lawful permanent residents must make payments to renew their green cards every ten years. However, you only need to renew your green card once and pay for naturalization to become a U.S. citizen. Therefore, citizenship offers a less costly alternative. Again, if you overlook your renewal period and fail to renew your green card status, you could be deported

A Chance to Represent Your New Homeland

U.S. citizens can take part in elections and hold federal government positions. You may want to pursue these goals as well. 

How a Citizenship Attorney Can Help

Naturalization is a complicated and important process. Therefore, one error or oversight can lead to a delay or denial. To avoid these events, you need to confer with a citizenship attorney who helps clients in the 60126 zip code. 

A citizenship lawyer has the in-depth knowledge needed to address specific processes and filings. If you’re seeking to make the citizenship journey, now–not later–is the time to begin. Contact Minsky McCormick & Hallagan to begin to make an important life change today.


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