Citizenship Attorney Chicago

Citizenship Attorney Chicago

Understanding the intricacies of becoming a U.S. citizen can be a challenging endeavor. The process is complex, filled with numerous steps and legal requirements that must be met. At Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., our experience in the field of immigration law is brought to bear in assisting individuals through the journey toward U.S. citizenship. As your trusted citizenship attorney near Chicago, we are prepared to deliver the guidance you need through every stage of the citizenship process. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation. 

The Citizenship Process

  • Determine U.S. Citizenship Eligibility. The first step in the journey towards U.S. citizenship involves determining eligibility. If you were not born a U.S. citizen or did not acquire U.S. citizenship from your parents after birth, the next steps are crucial.
  • Review the Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet. To help ascertain eligibility for naturalization, a comprehensive review of the Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet is recommended. It provides an outline of the criteria that must be met to proceed with the application.
  • Prepare the N-400 Form. After determining eligibility, preparation of the N-400 form, the Application for Naturalization, is required. It necessitates meticulous attention to detail to ensure all necessary documents are gathered and correctly submitted.
  • Submit the N-400 Form and Pay Fees. Following the preparation of the N-400 form, it must be submitted along with the required fees. USCIS will then send a receipt notice, allowing tracking of case processing times and status.
  • Attend the Biometrics Appointment. In some cases, biometrics appointments are needed. In such instances, USCIS will send an appointment notice with details about the date, time, and location.
  • Complete the Interview. Upon completion of preliminary processes, an interview will be scheduled with USCIS to finalize the naturalization process.
  • Receive USCIS Decision. After the interview, a decision from USCIS regarding the N-400 form will be mailed. The outcome can be granted, continued, or denied.
  • Receive Notice for Oath of Allegiance. If the N-400 form is approved, a notice to take the Oath of Allegiance will be received. This oath signifies the final step in the journey towards becoming a U.S. citizen.

We can help you determine your eligibility for citizenship and ensure you fully understand each stage of the process. Rely on us for unwavering legal support

How Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. Can Help

Navigating the process of becoming a U.S. citizen can be daunting. At Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., we bring decades of experience in U.S. immigration law to help simplify this process. Our attorneys are equipped to guide you through each step, providing clarity and reassurance along the way. From preparing and filing naturalization applications to accompanying clients to interviews and representing those with unique qualifying circumstances, we stand ready to assist.

Contact Our Citizenship Attorney Near Chicago

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a significant milestone, one that requires careful navigation through a complex immigration system. With the professional assistance of Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., this journey can be made smoother and more manageable. Reach out to us today for further information or assistance with your U.S. citizenship process. Trust in our citizenship attorney near Chicago to guide you toward achieving the American dream.


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