Citizenship Lawyer Elmhurst 

Citizenship Lawyer Elmhurst

The naturalization process in the United States provides those immigrants seeking United States citizenship with the rights and privileges that those individuals who are born in the United States are afforded. However, in addition to the rights and privileges gained through the citizenship process, naturalized citizens will also acquire certain responsibilities and duties every natural-born citizen has. To learn more about your eligibility for naturalization or the process, speak with a citizenship lawyer in Elmhurst directly.

Naturalization requires you to file a Form N-400 and submit your fingerprints and Green Card. If you do not have a Green Card, you must provide documentation showing that an exception to the Green Card requirement applies to you. All documentation may be submitted 90 days before you reach the time limit for living in the United States that is required to apply for citizenship.

Can I Apply for United States Citizenship?

To be eligible for citizenship in the United States, you must have held a Green Card for at least five years. However, you may be excluded from the Green Card requirement if you are a spouse of a United States citizen, and you and your spouse have been living in the United States for three years. Additionally, there are exceptions to the Green Card requirement for battered spouses, spouses of those serving in the United States armed forces, and those immigrants seeking refuge or asylum.

How do I Obtain United States Citizenship?

The first step towards naturalization is submitting your application for naturalization. If you are an individual over 18 years of age seeking citizenship, you will be required to demonstrate that you are of good moral character. Additionally, you must show that you have had a Green Card for five years or that some exception mentioned above applies to you.

The physical presence requirement mandates that you must have been physically present in the United States for two and a half of the five years that you have held a Green Card and that any time spent overseas does not equal six or more months.

After you have applied, you will be required to appear for an interview and a test. For the interview and the test, you must know how to speak, write, and read the English language.

The Citizenship test is conducted orally and will ask you questions regarding United States history and government. The test will ask 20 questions out of a pool of 128 questions. To pass the citizenship test, you must answer 12 questions out of 20 correctly.

The final step of the naturalization process requires that you are sworn in. At your swearing-in ceremony, you will take an oath of allegiance to the United States. This oath affirms your loyalty to the country and your willingness to defend the United States Constitution.

Do You Have Questions Regarding the Naturalization Process? A Citizenship Lawyer in Elmhurst Can Help.

The naturalization process may seem complex, and you may find that you require the assistance of an experienced citizenship lawyer. If you have questions regarding the citizenship process, the Elmhurst citizenship lawyers at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. can help. Visit our website to schedule a consultation with an immigration law attorney so that you can take the first steps to become a United States citizen.


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