Cook County Immigration Attorneys

Cook County Immigration Attorneys

Immigration is woven into the very fabric of the United States. With such a lengthy and controversial history, it’s no wonder that immigration laws in the country are incredibly complex. When someone faces an immigration issue of any kind, it’s vital to seek legal counsel from experienced Cook County immigration attorneys. At Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., we are dedicated to keeping you informed and protecting your rights.

Types of Immigration Law We Practice

“Immigration law” is a broad term that encompasses all laws and regulations that govern people who come from other countries to live and work in the United States. No two immigration cases are exactly alike, so it’s important to find lawyers who specialize in the right areas of immigration law. 

At Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., we help clients with a large variety of immigration issues and documents, including:

  • Employment-based immigration
  • Family-based immigration
  • Investment-based and entrepreneurial immigration
  • Legal defense in the face of deportation
  • DREAMers and deferred action 
  • Naturalization and citizenship steps
  • Citizenship status adjustments
  • Waivers of inadmissibility
  • And more

Technically, H-1B visas and other temporary visas are not for immigrants, because they are supposed to be temporary. However, we also help clients obtain these visas so that they can work in the United States legally. 

Values and Experience Matter in Immigration Law

When you work with an attorney, it’s important to ensure that your values align well enough. This is especially important when hiring an immigration lawyer. The professionals at Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. believe that immigration makes the United States a better, more diverse, and stronger nation. 

Every day, we see immigrants who are improving communities, starting businesses, and raising families in the United States. We witness first-hand the importance of maintaining a culturally rich society filled with people of all walks of life–including immigrants. That’s why we wake up every morning ready to fight for people just like you. 

Since 1975, our firm has handled immigration cases with great success. Now, it is the only area of law we practice. Whether your needs are fairly straightforward or relatively complex, we know how to help.

Why Work with Cook County Immigration Attorneys

As you can tell, immigration laws are incredibly complex. Not only are federal laws constantly changing, but local ordinances apply as well. For example, Cook County has what is known as “sanctuary laws,” which allow immigrants of all kinds to live more comfortably within the county than in other areas of the country. 

Navigating all of these issues can be difficult enough for a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in this area, much fewer people who have other skill sets. When you add in the fact that many immigrants face linguistic and cultural barriers, it’s easy to see why nobody should tackle immigration issues alone. 

Instead, it’s prudent to hire the top Cook County immigration attorneys. At Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., we have the experience, dedication, and values needed to serve you. Contact us today to get started.


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