Deportation Defense Attorney Addison

Deportation Defense Attorney Addison

We cannot overstate the importance of legal representation at a deportation (also known as removal) proceeding. Your presence in the United States or that of a loved one is literally at risk. There are very few cases that could have higher stakes. Given the importance, you need an attorney on your side to help make your case that you should be allowed to stay.

The Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has over 5,000 officers whose jobs are to handle deportation cases. They have been busier in recent years as the number of deportation cases has been on a steady increase. Even with a reduced number of cases, there were over 185,000 deportations in 2020. Anyone in this situation should have the help of a deportation defense attorney in Addison.

An Immigration Court Gets the Last Word and Not ICE

However, the ICE agents trying to deport you do not have the final say in the matter. You have the legal right to your day in court where you can challenge the deportation order. Even if a judge orders you deported, you have appeal rights.

The immigration system is designed to move quickly. For example, immigration judges are expected to clear 700 cases from their dockets each year. This is literally a rush to judgment, and it means that immigration judgments could make mistakes. This gives you a chance to overturn a deportation order on appeal.

Legal Grounds to Oppose a Removal Request

Here are some common ways to fight a deportation attempt:

  • You can seek to have the immigration court adjust your status that would allow you to remain in the United States.
  • If your deportation is based on a crime, you could argue that the offense does not require deportation.
  • You could apply for asylum.
  • You could ask for cancelation of removal.
  • An attorney could help you argue that you fall into any one of a number of protected categories.

Fighting deportation requires that you participate in the legal process. The failure to appear in court means almost certain deportation as these orders are tough to reverse. However, there is a chance that you could successfully oppose any attempts to remove you with the right legal arguments.

You Must Participate in the Removal Process

You should never try to participate in the legal process alone, especially with a penalty as serious as deportation. Even when you receive a Notice to Appear, it does not mean that deportation is a guaranteed outcome. We have the experience necessary to learn your situation and help you with defenses to deportation. The immigration process is difficult for someone to navigate without experience, and you never want to be in the position to learn as you go along. The system is built for quick deportations, and you need someone who knows the process.

Experienced Addison Deportation Defense Attorneys

When you are facing immigration issues and possible deportation, turn to the attorneys at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. We are experienced guides to the immigration system who are there with you every step of the way. Contact us today online for the help that you need with the immigration process.


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