Deportation Defense Attorney Elgin

Deportation Defense Attorney Elgin

Anyone living in the United States without valid immigration status lives in constant fear of being caught and getting deported. If you are living here in Chicago in fear of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, know that the Law Office of Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., is here. We have experienced deportation defense attorneys ready to help you successfully fend off or delay your deportation while we seek other solutions for you.

ICE officers are feared in immigrant communities across the country – even by those who are here legally because they might know or have a loved one who may not be here legally and, therefore, a target of these law enforcement officers. 

These ICE agents have jobs to do, but in all cases, their jobs can significantly disrupt your life. Many immigrants living in the United States are law-abiding and contribute significantly to the economy. However, when it comes to ICE and enforcement of the law, little consideration is given to all that, though there is some prosecutorial discretion exercised in some cases so as not to aggressively pursue deportation in all cases.

Understanding the Deportation Process

Anyone who is subject to deportation is entitled to due process under the laws of the United States. This means before one is deported, there are certain things the government must do. For example, the government must issue a properly written out charging document known as a Notice to Appear (NTA). This document lays out the reasons why the government wants one deported. The person the government is trying to deport will then defend against those charges before an immigration judge.

Issuing of the NTA is a common means of having someone placed in removal or deportation proceedings. These are proceedings where the government must make a case before an Immigration Judge (IJ) on why a person named in the NTA should be deported. That person will also have the opportunity to defend against the deportation.

An NTA is usually issued after the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has denied some form of application or petition. For example, if you apply for a green card and the application is denied, an NTA will be issued against you.

It is critical for anyone who has been placed in removal or deportation proceedings to have an experienced deportation defense lawyer to both make sure their rights are protected as well as to mount the best and most aggressive defense to prevent the government from deporting the person they are targeting for the deportation.

Being Taken into Custody by ICE

The other way one can find themselves in removal or deportation proceedings besides being issued with an NTA is by being arrested by ICE agents. For example, if one commits a crime for which they are arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced to a time in jail or prison, the person will likely not be going home after doing the time. Rather, ICE agents will be waiting to take them into their custody and charging them with deportation based on that conviction.

Reach Out to a Deportation Defense Attorney in Elgin Immediately

If you or a loved one is facing deportation, contact our office today and request a consultation. Never delay in starting the process of defending against your removal. 


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