Deportation (Removal) Defense Lawyer Near Me

Deportation (Removal) Defense Lawyer Near Me

Your presence in this country is up to the United States Government. Along with the courts, they have the final say about who can remain here. That does not mean that you are completely without legal rights. Working with a deportation defense attorney, you can present your own case of why the government is wrong when they start deportation proceedings. The stakes of this process could not be higher.

How the Deportation Process Works

Here are the relevant steps of the deportation process:

  • ICE begins the process by sending a Notice to Appear. This informs you that ICE will be seeking your removal, and it must tell you the grounds for your removal. You must appear in front of an immigration court judge.
  • There is an initial Master Calendar Hearing in front of a judge. Here, you could lay the legal groundwork for your attempt to remain in the U.S. through things such as asylum or a conversion of your status. You must show up at this hearing under penalty of deportation for not attending.
  • You can argue against the substance of the removal request at the merits hearing. This is where you would present your defense.
  • If the immigration judge orders removal, their decision is subject to review at an appeal. It is possible to have the deportation ruling reversed. Immigration judges have a goal of having “only” 15% of their decisions reversed, which means that a removal order by a judge is far from final.

Arguments that You Can Make to Avoid Deportation

When it comes to the hearing in front of the judge, ICE may try to make its case why the immigration court should grant its removal request. It is up to you to make your arguments why ICE is wrong or why the law would still allow you to remain in the U.S. The judge cannot do this for you. This is why you need a deportation defense attorney who knows the law.

These are some of the arguments that could be used to oppose the deportation request:

  • The crime that you committed is not one that requires removal.
  • You have another reason that would allow you to stay here, such as asylum or that you would face torture in your home country.
  • Deportation would cause severe hardship.

In the end, you could also make a direct appeal to the judge that justice would not be served by granting deportation. An experienced deportation attorney knows how to address the court and the arguments that may move judges. The consequences are high for not coming to the table with an attorney. At Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., we work with you in a compassionate and supportive manner to put your best foot forward in the immigration process.

Deportation Defense Lawyers Near You Who Can Help

To speak with one of our attorneys at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., contact us online to schedule a consultation at your first possible opportunity. Talking to a lawyer should let you know that you have legal options, even when you see something else in writing from ICE.


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