Green Card Lawyers Chicago

Green Card Lawyers Chicago

Green card lawyers help those who are either immigrating to the U.S. or those who are already in the U.S. and wish to reside here permanently apply for the necessary documentation. The Chicago green card lawyers at Minsky, McCormick, & Hallagan have helped numerous immigrants become legal residents, legal permanent residents, and U.S. citizens. If you need help applying for a green card, our attorneys have decades of experience making the process go as smooth as possible. Please reach out and set up an appointment today.

Do I Need a Green Card Lawyer?

Those applying for legal resident status in the U.S. are not required by law to have a lawyer represent them. However, a green card attorney can streamline the process of applying and take much of the bureaucratic burden off of your shoulders. Navigating the U.S. immigration system is difficult even for those who have lived here their entire lives. For those who have not, it can be quite confusing to determine what exactly they will need to present to immigration authorities.

A Green Card Lawyer Can Help You Weigh Your Options

If you are looking to permanently reside in the U.S. or have immediate family members you would like to sponsor to have permanently reside in the U.S., then you may have more than one option to apply for a green card. In some cases, one option will be better than the other. If you are looking to apply for your green card and you have family in the U.S., you can apply for a green card through familial sponsorship, but you may end up on a waitlist for several years. Meanwhile, there may be employers who are looking for workers in your field and this would get you entry to the U.S. much more quickly. A Chicago green card attorney can help you make that decision.

When USCIS Says You are Not Admissible, a Green Card Lawyer Can Help

There are any of a number of grounds that the U.S. government can use to claim that you should be denied a green card. These include the presence of communicable diseases, alleged involvement in a criminal organization, current drug abuse or addiction problems, lack of vaccinations, criminal convictions, or being deemed likely to become dependent on public assistance. Unless you are a drug trafficker, a spy, or a Nazi, there may be waivers available to you that can overcome your restricted status. A Chicago green card lawyer can help.

Talk to Chicago Green Card Lawyers

Minsky, McCormick, & Hallagan P.C. have helped thousands of immigrants enter the U.S. legally and get green cards. Our mission is to make the process as simple and easy as possible. If you are overwhelmed by paperwork, complicated regulations, or are struggling to gain admittance, talk to us today. We can help.


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