Hinsdale Immigration Lawyers

Hinsdale Immigration Lawyers

Obtaining any immigration services from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can be a daunting experience, and this is no different for residents in the Chicago area. However, at the Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. law firm, we have experienced Hinsdale immigration lawyers who handle a variety of immigration cases. 

Types of Cases

We only focus on practicing immigration law, which means we handle cases in all areas of immigration law, including the following:

Family Immigration. If you are a United States citizen or legal permanent resident (Green Card holder), the law allows you to petition and have certain relatives of yours to come to join you in the United States as permanent residents, if they live outside the U.S., or to be given their green cards here in the U.S. However, the process you will have to go through is tedious and often prone to compliance with complicated laws that often leads to further delays in processing a case or even denial of a case altogether. Having an experienced immigration attorney can make a world of difference in making sure your case is properly filed and in a manner that would have it more easily approved.

Employment-Based Immigration. If you are a U.S. employer and desire to bring one or more foreign workers to work for you, you can petition the government for the foreign worker to be given a visa to travel to the United States, which also authorizes them to work for you for a designated period, usually three years. However, there are strict rules and regulations that must be followed and complied with before your petition is approved and before the foreign worker’s application for a visa is approved. Our Hinsdale Immigration Lawyers know exactly what needs to be done to have both the petition for a foreign worker to be approved and for that worker’s visa application to be approved as well.

The law requires employers to verify their employees’ immigration status and hire only those who have proof that they are authorized to work in the United States. The law also makes it illegal for an employer to knowingly hire or recruit immigrants not authorized to be or to work in the country. This law is vigorously enforced, and employers are subject to unprecedented levels of scrutiny at all steps of the recruiting or hiring process. Our Chicago immigration attorneys have broad and extensive knowledge in the field of employer compliance. 

Appeals. Often, even a properly filed immigration case with enough supporting documents is denied by the USCIS examiner handling the file. The same is true for those in removal or deportation proceedings as they may find themselves ordered deported in situations where removal or deportation is not proper. In all those situations, we have experienced immigration appeals lawyers who help our clients in having bad decisions against them reversed on appeal.

Learn More from Our Hinsdale Immigration Lawyers

If you are in the Hinsdale area and need an immigration lawyer, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We can assess your situation and help you obtain the immigration benefits you need.


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