Immigration Attorney Addison

Immigration Attorney Addison

Immigration law covers a wide variety of issues. It relates to bringing workers into the United States, reuniting families, and working with those who have, one way or another, come up against the immigration enforcement process

Immigration Problems

Many problems can cause the government to deny an immigrant visa (green card). They can be the government’s mistake, your mistake, concern that you might be a security risk, inadmissibility based on health or criminal reasons, or a finding that you are likely to need government financial assistance. 

Health Issues

A government-approved doctor must perform and medical exam on every candidate for admission as a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). If the exam discloses a dangerous infectious disease, or you have not received required vaccinations, are a drug user, or have a disorder that makes you a threat to yourself or others. 

Criminal Background

If you have been convicted of certain types of crimes or are coming to the US to commit them, the government may deny your green cards. The disqualifying crimes include crimes of moral turpitude, committing multiple offenses, or, specifically, drug trafficking, prostitution, commercialized vice, money laundering, fraud, and violations of religious freedom as a foreign official. 

Questions about your criminal background appear on several of the forms that you must complete as part of the application process. Answering yes to one of these questions without accompanying proof that you are still admissible can result in a denial of your green card.

Security and Terrorism

Engaging in terrorist acts or having been a member of groups like the Nazi or other totalitarian parties, genocide, or in any group working adverse to US foreign policy can all lead to denial of a green card. You may not engage or have engaged in espionage, sabotage, violate US export laws, or participate in any attempt to overthrow the government of the US. 

Financial Issues

Your green card will be denied if it appears likely that you will become a public charge. The reviewers will look at various issues and balance factors such as profession, health insurance, and your assets in deciding whether you will qualify.

Violations of Immigration Laws

Suppose you have entered the US illegally, gained entry by a misrepresentation, failed to show up for deportation hearings, or abused the visa process. In that case, the government may deny your green card.

Failure to Meet Requirements

Immigration involves hundreds of minute rules, regulations, forms, and other requirements. Failing to meet all these requirements and complete everything to the letter can slow things down and even result in a denial. Similarly, the government can deny your green card if you fail to attend your various immigration appointments. Finally, if the petition underlying your application is denied, your green card application will go no further. 

Working with an Immigration Attorney in Addison

Although generous immigration is the policy of the US government, it is neither an easy nor a quick process. Those desiring to sponsor someone for immigration for any reason will do well to work with an Addison immigration attorney to assist with meeting the many rather technical requirements and avoiding problems. If you believe that you may need such assistance, contact us or call 312-427-6163 for assistance in reunifying your family. 


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