Immigration Attorney Lombard

Immigration Attorney Lombard

Immigration law covers a wide variety of issues. It relates to bringing workers into the United States, reuniting families, and working with those who have come up against the immigration enforcement process. We discuss some of the areas handled by immigration lawyers in Lombard below. 

Business Immigration

Numerous visas fall under the “business and employment” immigration umbrella. First, the prospective immigrant must, in most cases, have a job offer and an approved Labor Certification. Outstanding professionals, people with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, and business, as well as multinational managers or executives, may all be eligible. In addition, qualifying international investors can apply for a green card if they make an investment of at least $500,000 and create at least ten full-time jobs within the first two years may be eligible for a green card. 

Family-Based Immigration

Family-based immigration is at the heart of the American immigration system. Immediate relatives and members of family preference categories are the primary focus of this area of law. However, there are also issues relating to the adjustment of status of family immigrants. This includes issues such as the adjustment of an immigrant spouse’s status following the two years immediately after the issuance of the initial green card. After demonstrating the continued existence of the marriage, the immigrant spouse will adjust to a complete ten-year cycle on their green card like other immigrants. 

Asylum, Deportation, and Removal

Asylum allows an individual to remain in the US if they have suffered past persecution or fear future persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a specific social group. You must request asylum within one year of your most recent entry to the US. If you receive asylum, the applicant is eligible to become a permanent resident after holding that status for just one year. You can file the application for asylum ahead of time or before an Immigration Judge in Immigration Court. 

Similar to Asylum, Withholding of Removal requires the same fear, but you may only seek it in Immigration Court. Withholding does not, however, offer a pathway to becoming a resident.

Anyone in violation of US immigration law may be subject to removal. The usual grounds are inadmissibility and deportability. Inadmissibility focuses on something that prevents you from lawfully entering the country. Deportability comes from something you did after you were admitted to the country. The most common ground for inadmissibility is prior illegal entry. 

Citizenship & Naturalization

Once you achieve permanent resident status, you may wish to seek citizenship. If so, you can use the naturalization process, which will require passing an English and civics test (with some exceptions on the language test). You must also prove good moral character and must meet physical presence requirements. 

Working with an Immigration Attorney Lombard

Although generous immigration is the policy of the US government, it is not an easy nor a quick process. Those facing immigration issues will do well to work with an immigration attorney in Lombard to assist with meeting all of the many technical requirements of immigration law and regulation and avoiding problems that may result in a denial. If you believe that you may need such assistance, contact us or call 312-427-6163 for assistance in reunifying your family.


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