Immigration Attorneys Near Me

Immigration Attorneys Near Me

The immigration process can mean different things to different people. Many people have the impression of the process that only relates to the punishment aspects of it. However, immigration can result in individuals gaining the right to be in the United States and companies obtaining the help of skilled workers that they need to run their business.

How Immigration Attorneys Can Help Your Case

The common element among all of the different parts of the immigration process is that an experienced immigration attorney could help either make it smoother or may stand up and be your voice when you need it. Immigration can be a maze of rules that are difficult to understand. However, the government does not really give immigrants and their families the benefit of the doubt when it comes to deadlines and paperwork. This is why legal help is valuable.

Here are some of the ways that an immigration lawyer could help you:

  • Help with paperwork for green card and citizenship applications
  • Representation at a legal proceeding to oppose possible deportation
  • Advice for your business on the different visa and green card programs that help bring workers into the United States
  • Advocacy when you or a loved one is seeking asylum or shelter in the U.S. under other government programs.

Sometimes, you just need the help of someone who understands the law and is able to explain it to you in clear and plain terms. Immigration law can be intimidating, but our lawyers could be your guide through the entire process.

Immigration laws seem to change by the day. Even if the laws stay the same, the way that the government enforces them could change. In the meantime, our clients need to know the best way to deal with USCIS today. Our clients have the same need for help, even if the immigration climate is different.

Our Practice Areas and Where We Can Assist You

At Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C., we are experienced immigration attorneys who translate our expertise into common sense legal advice. We handle matters in the following practice areas:

  • Employment-based visas
  • Family immigration
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Employer compliance with immigration laws
  • Removal and deportation defense
  • Adjustment of status

This is just a partial list of where we can help.

The immigration system requires precision and promptness. While the system is built to move quickly, it can slow down in a hurry if there is a problem with an application or if an ICE official has a concern. This is why it is best to avoid issues in the first place, and if there is a problem, to address them thoroughly. You can assume that ICE is struggling with a large caseload and will not necessarily devote a large amount of time to your own matter, making attention to detail vital.

Contact an Immigration Attorney Near Me

The attorneys at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. are knowledgeable and dedicated counselors with a broad-based knowledge of immigration law. Contact us online to learn more about how we can help you and your family with your immigration matters.


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