Immigration Lawyer Near Chicago 

Immigration Lawyer Near Chicago

Individuals who are in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship are not yet afforded the rights and protections that American citizens have. One of the key benefits of achieving citizenship is having a right to these benefits, and they are not given freely without the prospective U.S. citizen first going through a complex application process to achieve their U.S. citizenship. The process includes a variety of rules that are presented by a number of government organizations and agencies, and keeping track of them can be very difficult. 

An immigration lawyer near Chicago from Minsky, McCormick, and Hallagan, PC, has the knowledge and expertise you need to achieve success in your application process. By having processed applications for countless other aspiring immigrants or U.S. citizens, we know what works (and what doesn’t) and how to best support your application so that yours is one that realizes success in the shortest amount of time possible. 

The United States Immigration System Can Be Confusing

Laws and regulations related to immigration come from many different federal locations, including enacted statutes, the U.S. Constitution, and more. On top of it, there is constantly changing guidance regarding U.S. immigration policy, and you cannot always be sure how officials will handle your application or matter. 

Each law that is related to immigration could impact your immigration application and affect the process. An immigration lawyer near Chicago will have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate this complex and in-depth process. With experience processing immigration applications of all types, and the knowledge to advise you along each step of the way, your application process often has a much greater chance of success with us compared to attempting it on your own. 

The Immigration Application Process is Complex

Applying for U.S. citizenship is a complex process that presents a number of different roads you can travel down towards your citizen. U.S. citizenship can be achieved through naturalization, certificates of citizenship and nationality, or dual citizenship or nationality. There are also paths for individuals to establish their U.S. citizenship without a birth certificate and for people who are born abroad or in U.S. territories. 

An Immigration Lawyer Near Chicago is Ready to Connect With You Now

The immigration application process can feel like a confusing maze. You must know where to go to complete particular portions of your application, and you must learn the rules and regulations that are applicable to each step of the process. Collecting and learning all this information can be not only difficult but very time-consuming. 

If you’d like to put your immigration application in the fast lane to success, reaching out to an immigration attorney can be a wise choice. To connect with Minsky, McCormick, and Hallagan and our immigration attorneys near Chicago, click here to request a consultation. 


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