Immigration Lawyer Near Me 

Immigration Lawyer Near Me

The credit for building what our country is today should be given to the many immigrants that came to the United States in search of greater opportunity. It is immigrants that make the United States a strong and diverse country.

Immigration laws provide what is required for individuals to enter and remain in the United States temporarily or permanently as a lawful permanent resident or a citizen, and each immigration category has its own set of complex rules and processes, which may prove difficult to understand. Our immigration lawyers near you can help you understand the requirements you must meet to be granted the status of lawful permanent resident or citizen or to acquire a temporary visa.

Temporary Visas

Non-immigrant temporary visas are one type of visa that allows an individual to live in the United States for a specific purpose and a specific limited amount of time. The type of visa granted largely depends on the purpose of the foreign national’s travel. The following are common reasons that may qualify an individual for a temporary visa:

  • Visas for work: this includes temporary visas granted to professional athletes, diplomats and foreign officials, journalists, military personnel stationed in the United States, doctors, professionals in various industries, religious workers, and domestic workers such as nannies.
  • Visas granted to an individual receiving medical treatment within the United States.
  • Visas granted to individuals who are victims of human trafficking and other criminal activities .
  • Visas granted to individuals to tour or vacation within the United States.

Green Cards

Green cards, also known as permanent resident cards, show that an individual is a lawful permanent resident living within the United States. While these individuals remain citizens of other countries, they are granted the right to reside in the United States indefinitely. In order to receive a Green Card, the individual seeking it must show that he or she is a person of good moral character among other requirements.

Permanent residency can be acquired through different methods, including:

  • Special employment
  • Sponsorship by a family member
  • A minimum $900,000 investment
  • Referral as a refugee or as an individual seeking asylum
  • Diversity lottery

Sponsorship by a Family Member

When seeking sponsorship by a family member, the ability to obtain a Green Card is limited by the relationship between the individual to be sponsored and the family member. The individuals who qualify for a Green Card under the sponsorship by a family member category include:

  • Immediate relatives such as spouses and minor (under 21) children of U.S. citizens
  • Spouses and minor children of lawful permanent residents
  • Unmarried children 21 and older of lawful permanent residents
  • Unmarried children 21 and older of U.S. citizens
  • Married children of U.S. citizens
  • Siblings of U.S. citizens

Do You Have Questions Regarding Your Visa or Green Card?

Immigration laws are constantly changing. The complex laws and different categories for obtaining temporary visas or status as a lawful permanent resident can appear daunting. The Chicago immigration lawyers at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. are here to help understand the processes you’ll endure in obtaining your visa or green card. We provide appointments via video conferencing or phone. Visit our website to schedule your immigration law consultation today.


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