Naperville Immigration Attorneys

Here in Naperville, we have a diverse community full of residents from many parts of the world. Whether you are here to be with family, because of your job or business, or as a student, it is important to be sure that you have the right immigration status. Errors can cost you huge amounts of time and money. They can also expose you to stressful immigration actions, such as being detained, or facing removal proceedings. The Naperville immigration attorneys at Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan can help protect you from these stressful actions. By consulting with an immigration attorney at the start of your process, you can be sure that you achieve lawful immigration status in the appropriate categories. 

Family Immigration Options

A visa can be sponsored by a family member who is a citizen of the United States. (In certain cases, lawful permanent residents can also act as a visa sponsor for close relatives.) There are different visa categories for immediate family members, fiancés, and more distant family members who are seeking a family preference visa. It is important to apply for the correct visa in order to prevent costly delays in the immigration process. Both the sponsor and the foreign national must be eligible for the visa type that is selected. 

United States citizens can also sponsor certain close family members for lawful permanent residency (often called a “green card”). A green card is a more permanent option that gives the holder better options for living and working in the United States. If your family member intends to be in the country for an extended period of time, or wants to start on the path to citizenship, consult with an immigration attorney about how to get a green card. 

Employment and Business Immigration Options

An employer can also act as a sponsor for a visa or green card. There are many different employment visas, and these are divided into preference categories based upon the foreign worker’s skills and experience. Employment visas are limited by annual quotas, so it is important to apply for the highest preference category you can in order to have the best chance of securing an employment visa. 

There are also business visas for those who will be conducting business in the United States on a temporary basis. The length of your stay will determine the type of business visa that is right for you. Be sure that your visa is long enough to cover any unexpected delays in your departure from the U.S.

Student Visas

Students can also get visas to stay in the U.S. so long as they are enrolled in an eligible educational program. There has been much confusion, change, and political controversy over student visas issued in the time of the COVID pandemic. Work with an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that your visa is not revoked if you are attending online, part-time, or limited classes. 

Experienced Naperville Immigration Attorneys For All Types of Cases

As you can see, there are many immigration options that can be used, depending on the unique circumstances of your particular situation. It is important to be sure that you apply for the correct status. Whether you need a visa, green card, or citizenship, the experienced Naperville immigration lawyers at Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible.


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