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Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. cuenta con décadas de experiencia en la ley de inmigración y ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos. Desde 1975 nuestras oficinaslocalizadas en la ciudadde Chicago, han manejado casos de inmigración para familias de todas partes del mundo. Nosotrosestamos orgullosos de ser los abogados líderes en leyes de inmigración. Si usted es una persona que aspirael sueño americano, una familia que busca reunirse, o un negocio con la necesidad de los servicios de talento extranjero, nosotros podemos proporcionar respuesta a cualquiera de sus preguntas sobre inmigración.

Abogados de Inmigración Dedicados en Chicago

Nuestro despacho ha establecido un alto estándar en la ley de inmigración desde nuestros comienzos con nuestro socio fundador, Joseph Minsky. Minsky fue un líder en la ley de derechos civiles y luego transportó toda esa pasión a la ley de inmigración. Nuestro socio fundador recibió reconocimiento nacional por ser un gran profesional en el campo de inmigración.

Continuamos trabajando profesionalmente sobre la reputación de nuestro fundador. Ofrecemos un servicio profesional de alta calidad y educamos a los clientes en las áreas de la ley, incluyendo la ciudadanía, la residencia permanente, visas de trabajo temporal, la acción diferida, la defensa de expulsión, y el cumplimiento del empleador.

Nuestros abogados de inmigración están listos para ayudarle con cualquier asunto migratorio.

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  • “Me and my wife are very happy that we decided to use Robert Vinikoor to handle our case. We avoided a lot of unwanted surprises with things we wouldn't even think we would need. All we had to do was to submit proper documents and listen to attorneys' advice and follow it 100%. We were also notified by phone and email about which piece of mail to expect and when from USCIS. To summarize, my wife is happy."

    Dedda Ahmed Chewghi

  • “Thoroughly impressed by the knowledge, responsiveness and support provided by the entire team to support my immigration journey. Thank you!"

    M. Subramaniam

  • “I'm happy they helped me with my immigration status. Great job, thank you."

    Alicia Chavez

  • “I would say Robert is a very nice lawyer. I am lucky to have him. I had a very complicated case, but due to his honesty and hard work, it went well. I really appreciate his time and effort and will definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

    Nafeesa Ain

  • “We reached out to MMHPC for assistance due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We were able to work with Anna Buskila, who spoke Russian and was able to guide us through many confusing and ever-changing processes in an effective and timely manner. She has provided excellent guidance and support, and she continues to keep us apprised of any relevant updates, as the policy regarding Ukrainian refugees is still evolving. There's immense relief in knowing that someone knowledgeable and caring is in our corner, when"

    Kat G.

  • “The attorneys at MMHPC are always available to provide spot-on expert immigration advice. Fantastic firm."

    Tyler Bohman

  • “One of the best in the business who operates with empathy and professionalism and put in extra effort for their clients."

    Daniel Lee

  • “I recommend this firm, especially the lawyer Aaron Lawee since he has always been very aware of my immigration process, he has helped me a lot with the paperwork, given me excellent advice, and always explained all the steps that I must follow. He is bilingual, which makes everything even easier when you don't understand much about laws, especially in another language. His attention to me has been exceptional and he always responds to an email with any questions I have had. If you need"

    Franchesca Ruiz

  • “MMH are the most knowledgeable and caring immigration attorneys in Chicago."

    Josh Liebman

  • “Great experience working with MMHPC. Attorney Aaron Lawee, always available to answer any questions and explain the next steps. My husband and I are so pleased to have worked with a great immigration attorney. Gracias!"

    Daniela Luna

  • “MMH is my trusted source for any immigration-related questions and beyond. I always feel heard and cared for when I work with MMH. Once, I lost my green card two days before my international flight and they prioritized my inquiry and found the solution. I flew abroad as scheduled. Then recently, I inquired about my friend's tourist visa. My friend stayed in the U.S. unlawfully for a few months some time ago. MMH attorneys helped my friend in his visa application and he got approved"

    Antoine Wright

  • “I have dealt with a couple of immigration firms, but MMHPC stands out and it is one of the best teams you can work with for your immigration needs. They prepare you well enough so there's hardly any stress as you go about for your interviews. It was a pleasure working with Beata, Magaly, Courtney and a host of others during the entire process."

    Felix Philip

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