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Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. posiada wieloletnie doświadczenie w praktyce amerykańskiego prawa imigracyjnego i przyznawania obywatelstwa. Od 1975 roku w naszych biurach w Chicago, Illinois, zajmujemy się sprawami imigracyjnymi i jesteśmy dumni z tego, że jesteśmy jedną z wiodących firm prawniczych imigracyjnych w USA. Niezależnie od tego, czy jesteś osobą dążącą do spełnienia marzeń o życiu w Ameryce, rodziną pragnącą się zjednoczyć, czy firmą potrzebującą usług zagranicznych talentów, jesteśmy w stanie udzielić odpowiedzi na najtrudniejsze pytania dotyczące imigracji.


Nasza firma ustanowiła standard w zakresie prawa imigracyjnego, zaczynając od naszego założyciela, Josepha Minsky'ego. Wczesny mistrz prawa z wiedzą o prawie obywatelskim, później przetransportował tę pasję do prawa imigracyjnego i zdobył krajowe uznanie jako profesjonalista w tej dziedzinie. Nadal utrzymujemy wysoki standard naszych usług. Oferujemy wysoką jakość i profesjonalną obsługę oraz edukację klientów w dziedzinie prawa: w tym obywatelstwa, stałego pobytu, pracowniczych wiz tymczasowych, ulgi imigracyjnej, obrony przed deportacją i przestrzegania obowiązujących przepisów przez pracodawców.



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  • “All I have to say is wonderful things about this law firm! My experience was a smooth road thanks to the knowledge and dedication of my attorney Beata Leja. She gave me all the confidence I needed since day one, thanks to her professionalism and realistic explanation of the entire process on my case. I have recommended her services to people that I know personally and they could not be happier with Beata's help. There's plenty of shady immigration lawyers out there that only take"

    Efrain M.

  • “My Husband & I worked with Beata Leja and her team to obtain my husband's residence. She is absolutely the BEST! I highly recommend her. She is very professional, explains every detail, was patient and very helpful in any questions we had. She made us feel that everything was going to be ok every time we would meet up. We are forever grateful. Thank you Beata Leja!!!! I give them 10 stars!!!!!"

    Crystal Varela Galvan

  • “Abogado Hallagan muy amable y muy apegado a sus casos y sus clientes , excelente persona"

    Ana Margarita Arévalo

  • “Retained their services after my green card case kept getting delayed for over two years. I worked with Beata and she did a fantastic job in getting USCIS to start shifting gears and grant the green card. She was fast to respond and kept her finger on the pulse of the application. Her advice was helpful and accurate and having her on the case did a lot to relieve my stress when my EAD expired and I was waiting for renewal. Highly recommended. Beata's help"

    Tal Galfsky

  • “I feel very very lucky to meet Beata Leja (& her team) on my way and be able to work with her. Superior professionalism. I was in trouble, she found a way and took me out of it. Now I am a happy Green Card holder and I can continue developing my career without worries."

    Cecylia Szewczyk

  • “Prior to moving to Chicago, my partner and I faced plenty of uncertainty about the visa application process due to our unique family circumstance. However, meeting Beata was truly a turning point in what would have been a daunting process! From the get-go, it was clear that Beata was attentive, caring, and knowledgeable about the entire immigration process. Even when USCIS dropped the ball on several occasions, Beata would always be one step ahead, and would consult with us strategically to figure out a way"

    Ian T.

  • “I worked with Beata Leja and her colleagues to obtain my US citizenship. Very professional team and a pleasure to work with. I recently did my oath ceremony!"

    Emanuele Bianchi

  • “I was a client of Ana Maria Echiburu. She is knowledgeable, straightforward, and most professional. She could explain complex matters in simple language, so I had a clear understanding every step of the way."

    Y. Hwang

  • “Ana María Tyrrell is a very fine professional whose advice and knowledge is amazing. I'm glad I got to know her and that she helped me with my legal status. I will definitely keep working with her."

    Fridder Jahary Llacsa

  • “Beata is a wonderful professional who help me immensely against all odds. I had an EB based green card case but I was running my own business. All the "so called" leading immigration lawyers were telling me it is impossible to do and the quoted me an enormous amount of money. However, Beata looked at my case and said that she is very confident of resolving it. She charged a fraction of the price that other lawyers were asking and took care of the case"

    Abhishek Sharma

  • “Great law firm... Highly recommended!"

    Chika Mignani

  • “I had a complicated case related to employment-based greencard where my paperwork got screwed up by the previous attorney. The mistake was a clerical error but could have had serious consequences on my stay in the country. Derek from MMH recommended very strategic approach that gave me extra time to get everything sorted out. It has worked out very well. The staff of MMH is very professional and committed. They respond well to questions and explain everything in detail. It has been great working with"

    Roman J.

  • “Working with Ana María Echiburu Tyrrell was a great experience. She helped me switched my visa status from student to a R-1 visa. Her knowledge and experience made me feel very comfortable knowing I am in great hands. Will definitely recommend her to my friends, family, and more."

    Saul Ilacsa

  • “Beata was able to help me in a very complicated case. I started working with another attorney from a different law firm. Things were not going well until I moved my case to Beata's practice. She is professional in every matter and very easy to communicate with. What is most important she is up to date with all changes in the law( which as I experienced is not always the case with every attorney) and she knows how to use her knowledge to your advantage."

    Brian H.

  • “They are doing great work!"

    Carlos De Leon

  • “Muy buen servicio en inmigración."

    Norka Cirino

  • “I wish we could yell from the rooftops regarding Beata Leja and this firm. Professional, always responsive and expedient in communications. We will ALWAYS use MMHPC no matter where we move. We are now in Houston because of a promotion and learned quickly that we were blessed to find this firm and will always deal with Beata!"

    EnRico Wallace

  • “My experience with Beata Leja was exceptional. Attorney Leja and her team have done an outstanding job in my H1-B petition, she was working on my case even after business hours because it was time-sensitive. They also did a fantastic job advising my employer on how to handle the case correctly and informed me the first minute they knew about my application results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Attorney Leja and Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. to anyone who is looking for immigration"

    Masha Les


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