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Sergio C.


Trusting Attorney Leja with my immigration case was one the best decisions I’ve ever made. I recommend her to all of my friends & family in need of great lawyer.

S. H.


I highly recommend attorney Aaron Lawee and Legal assistant Arely Rojas. Their expertise, dedication, and professionalism were instrumental in successfully handling our immigration case. They guided us through the complex immigrant visa process, answered all our questions, and ensured everything was submitted accurately and on time. Thanks to their efforts, we achieved a positive outcome and reuniting our family.
I’m immensely grateful for their outstanding service and highly recommend them to anyone seeking immigration assistance.

Salman S.


Working with Aaron Lawee was a pleasure. Not only was he patient and guiding us correctly through the entire process. When you have doubts about your case, Aaron is the man to ask. Not only will he put his full time and effort, but he will make sure to be there every step of the way.

Kay A.


I’m so lucky to find Aaron as my immigration lawyer. Immigration law is super complex. He knows every portion of the immigration law.
His intake is very detailed oriented. He prepares before every meeting. He is through and provides all answers in 1 meeting.

He charges based on the complexity of the case and very reasonable. You do not have to worry about him missing any detail.

I found him after going through 4 other immigration lawyers. Some are vague but he provides clear information.

Good Luck Aaron. I wish your company all the best!!!

Liviu T.


Thank you, Mr. Robert Vinikoor did an excellent job!!!

Noor F.


Tahreem Kalam knowledgeably guided us through the marriage-based immigration process, thoroughly clarified what to expect at each crossroads along the way, and demystified the long multi-step journey with her warm professionalism. We deeply appreciate and are tremendously grateful for her work and vital support during an intense period in our lives.

Lucas C.


Beata and Alejandro were the best during the process of removing conditions on my residence. They were always there to help and always available to talk over the phone or email. Thank you so much Minsky McCormick & Hallagan for doing this possible!!

Kesny S.


I don’t normally write reviews. I would do particularly attorney Beata Leja a great injustice if I don’t leave a review. Leja is the most outstanding attorney I know. She cares for her clients and carefully communicates in a language her client will understand. She has an excellent team who are very good at responding and keeping the client up to speed through applying for permanent residency. If you are looking for an excellent lawyer/attorney, not just any lawyer, Beata Leja is the lawyer you need. Whether for a permanent work visa, or citizenship, Leja is your best option. I was surprised I could get my green card to work in the USA. I was told before you could apply through religious work for the green card, you had to have a two year religious work visa first. Attorney Leja escaped the two years of religious work straight to the green card. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a good attorney for your case. Wow, I am a permanent resident in Chicago, USA!

Fredy D.


I worked with Amanda Rizzo on my case, she took really good care of it, her professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. Her effort and commitment goes beyond your expectations. We are so grateful.

Flex Studio


I recently had the pleasure of working with Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. and my lawyer, “Amanda Rizzo” to win my long-awaited asylum case. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or outcome.

From the moment I contacted the law firm, I felt supported and reassured. The staff was kind, helpful, and professional. They answered all of my questions and helped me understand the process every step of the way.

When I met my lawyer, I knew immediately that I was in good hands. She was knowledgeable, experienced, and empathetic. She took the time to listen to my story, understand my concerns.

Throughout the entire process, my lawyer kept me informed, updated, and involved. She was always available to answer my questions, address my concerns, and offer guidance. She was patient, compassionate, and never made me feel like just another case.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of my lawyer, I was finally able to receive asylum. I am so grateful for her and the entire team at Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C.

I highly recommend Minsky McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. and my lawyer, “Amanda Rizzo”, to anyone seeking legal representation. They are the best in the business, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or result. Thank you so much for everything!

Jim M.


Aaron Lawee was fantastic, patient, compassionate, gentle, kind, and extremely professional. Aaron was very attentive throughout the entire green card process for my wife Glória and I. Since the first communications we felt we could trust him and his team on this journey. We are grateful for his knowledge and availability to answer any kind of questions we had arise during the whole process. We have no doubts if we need any professional assistance within Aaron’s expertise to reach out again.

Andres M.


(English) Highly recommended!!!!
Great help throughout the process, they explain each step to take to get to the end of the process

Thank you all you are a great team!!!

(Spanish) Muy recomendable !!!! Una gran ayuda en todo el proceso explican cada paso a tomar para llegar asta el final del proceso
Gracias a todos son un gran equipo!!!

Ovidiu I.


Great firm to work with. Aaron Lawee is very helpful and diligent!

Sandra T.

My experience with the Minsky McCormick & Hallagan team that worked on my H1B has been extraordinary. Attorney Leja’s empathetic leadership style helped me and the team understand and work through each step of the process. I highly recommend MMH for immigration and non-immigration (work visa) cases.

Srna M.

I was working with Linda, she was so nice and responsible. She finished my case in court and I would always recommend her!

Calofe C.

Mr. Hallagan was professional and very efficient. My process was accepted in a very short time.

Rodrigo C.


100% recommend. The lawyers and assistants are very friendly. They explain the whole process very well. They help you and clarify all your doubts. You can always call and ask any type of question related to the case. They helped me with my immigration status. And I just returned from my country with my permanent visa. Thank you very much!!!

Brooke S.


Great immigration law firm! Highly recommended. Aaron helped our family over a series of years, with a positive end result. We couldn’t be happier with the professional team and service.

Jose B.


Very professional from the first day of my residency case to citizenship.  Thank you all very much.



We had an excellent experience working with Aaron to obtain an immigrant visa for my wife. When I started the search for an immigration lawyer to help us with our case, Minsky McCormick & Hallagan came up as one of the top rated firms, and my experience with them certainly reflects that rating. Aaron was always very prompt and available to reply to emails and advise on questions or issues as they came up. The client onboarding process, billing, and steps for us to follow were all very transparent and clear to follow. The website portal for managing document sharing was easy to use, as was the online bill payment system. We worked with Aaron and the law firm while we were located outside the US for this entire process, so I can say that whether you are located in the Chicago area, or far away in another country, this law firm has the ability to work with you, wherever you may be.



Me and my wife are very happy that we decided to use Robert Vinikoor to handle our case. We avoided a lot of unwanted surprises with things we wouldn’t even think we would need. All we had to do was to submit proper documents and listen to attorneys’ advice and follow it 100%. We were also notified by phone and email about which piece of mail to expect and when from USCIS. To summarize, my wife is happy.

M. S.


Thoroughly impressed by the knowledge, responsiveness and support provided by the entire team to support my immigration journey. Thank you!

Alicia C.


I’m happy they helped me with my immigration status. Great job, thank you.

Nafeesa A.


I would say Robert is a very nice lawyer. I am lucky to have him. I had a very complicated case, but due to his honesty and hard work, it went well. I really appreciate his time and effort and will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Kat G.


We reached out to MMHPC for assistance due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We were able to work with Anna Buskila, who spoke Russian and was able to guide us through many confusing and ever-changing processes in an effective and timely manner. She has provided excellent guidance and support, and she continues to keep us apprised of any relevant updates, as the policy regarding Ukrainian refugees is still evolving. There’s immense relief in knowing that someone knowledgeable and caring is in our corner, when it comes to the legal side of things. We would absolutely recommend Anna Buskila and MMHPC to anyone seeking immigration-related legal services.

Tyler B.


The attorneys at MMHPC are always available to provide spot-on expert immigration advice. Fantastic firm.

Daniel L.


One of the best in the business who operates with empathy and professionalism and put in extra effort for their clients.

Franchesca R.


I recommend this firm, especially the lawyer Aaron Lawee since he has always been very aware of my immigration process, he has helped me a lot with the paperwork, given me excellent advice, and always explained all the steps that I must follow. He is bilingual, which makes everything even easier when you don’t understand much about laws, especially in another language. His attention to me has been exceptional and he always responds to an email with any questions I have had. If you need a lawyer, this is the best recommendation in Chicago. I will always be very with him grateful for his help.

Josh L.


MMH are the most knowledgeable and caring immigration attorneys in Chicago.

Daniela L.


Great experience working with MMHPC. Attorney Aaron Lawee, always available to answer any questions and explain the next steps. My husband and I are so pleased to have worked with a great immigration attorney. Gracias!

Antoine W.


MMH is my trusted source for any immigration-related questions and beyond. I always feel heard and cared for when I work with MMH. Once, I lost my green card two days before my international flight and they prioritized my inquiry and found the solution. I flew abroad as scheduled. Then recently, I inquired about my friend’s tourist visa. My friend stayed in the U.S. unlawfully for a few months some time ago. MMH attorneys helped my friend in his visa application and he got approved despite his prior unlawful presence! So grateful for their professionalism and expertise.

Felix P.


I have dealt with a couple of immigration firms, but MMHPC stands out and it is one of the best teams you can work with for your immigration needs. They prepare you well enough so there’s hardly any stress as you go about for your interviews. It was a pleasure working with Beata, Magaly, Courtney and a host of others during the entire process.

Thrilok M.


I’m so glad my company is working with Minsky for our immigration stuff. They are so good and helpful.

Dmitry P.

I worked with Attorneys Aaron Lawee and Anna Buskila. Great communication and amazing results. Preparation for my interview was especially helpful. Very grateful for their work and dedication.

Sharon A.


I was referred to Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. by a friend and I can only say it has been one of the best decisions in my life — yes, I said in my life, because when it comes to immigration, the wrong choice does make a huge difference. Robert Vinikoor and Alejandro Herrera are assisting me in my case and they have been nothing but super thorough and clear, explaining all the different alternatives, and giving advice re: the best course of action. I am so happy with the results and will, with no doubt, recommend Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. to anyone.

Roberto R.


Thanks to Lawyer Beata Leja for her great work. He made the process of my residence very easy and now he is helping me to become a citizen. I highly recommend them

Arely R.


Attorney Beata Leja and her team are great! I am very thankful for her help during my husband’s green card process and now for his citizenship.

Hania T.


I heartily recommend this office. Appointments were available overnight, which saved me a lot of stress. Mrs. Beata Leja dispelled all my doubts with her extensive knowledge. Full professionalism, attention to detail and the ability to explain the intricacies of the law in a simple way. The cooperation was very fruitful, I already know in which direction to go next. I am grateful for the help provided, I know that I will definitely contact Ms. Leji again if I need legal advice in the future.

Ana R.


I am very thankful to Attorney Beata Leja and Sandy for the help they provided for my husband’s green card. The consulate canceled his appointment because of COVID and they were able to help in the quickest and best manner.



Great experience working with MMHPC. Attorneys Robert Vinikoor and Anna Buskila have great attention to detail and are so helpful. Always available to answer any questions and explain the next steps. So happy to find this firm!

Charles R.


Great Support and Action: Neeeding help to find a way to get my employees grandchildren and daughter out of Ukraine and out of harm’s way, I reached out to MM&H for support. It has been an amazing experience working with attorney Anna Buskila at the firm. She has been professional and quick to understand and share the legal options and then offered an action plan which we followed and the family is in the USA now and safe. Thanks to MM&H’s great service throughout the process.

Mathew C.


Tahreem, Angie and the team at MMHPC have been truly godsends. Started​ my journey ​in 2014 ​with this team beginning with my H1-B ​processing ​and now fortunate enough to h​old​ my Green Card, let’s just say they are the best in this business. Tahreem and ​her​ team have been outstanding in taking the initiative to perform all the ​necessary ​paperwork while​ being​ patient and answering all ​the ​questions​ via email and phone. They never shied away from providing ​recommendations and​ offered​ guidance every​ step of the way ​in achieving immigration for my spouse and me. I will surely recommend Tahreem and the team at MMHPC for all your immigration needs

Linda O.


I simply cannot praise Attorney Beata Leja and Attorney Anna Buskila enough, the guidance and support they provided me throughout my immigration process are unmatchable.

Suraj S.


My company had a consultation with Beata Leja. Her knowledge of immigration law and ability to answer all our questions was incredibly helpful!

Esther V.


Beata did an amazing job navigating through a problem other lawyers couldn’t get through. Made a life or death difference for us. Thank you!

Rebecca L.


The lawyers were top-notch. Thank you for helping our family stay together In the U.S.

Matthew B.


Communication has been clear, concise, actionable, and prompt, which is something I wish I could say about other firms I’ve dealt with. I’m grateful for the guidance we’ve received in navigating the complexities of the US immigration system.

Mario O.


Incredible experience that I had with this firm, they are really kind and honest persons, they will answer any question that you will have. They even have translators, 100% recommended do not doubt it.

Akshay K.


If you are looking for the best employment-based immigration attorney, consult MMHPC and ask for Beata L. or Chandni shah. I worked with MMHPC for my H1B application this year and it was a pleasure working with them. They were very prompt in answering any of my questions/concerns and always had thorough answers to my questions. Every case is different and I had confidence in them as I was communicating more about my concerns. Look forward to working with you for future status changes!

Dan R.


Have had the privilege of partnering with Minksy McCormick & Hallagan for several years now and they have always been thorough and consistent in their delivery. In particular, shout out to Tahreem for the great customer service that is provided on a regular basis.

Padma N.


The Minsky McCormick & Hallagan team, especially Tahreem Kalam, Angie Avila, and Courtney Wachal helped my journey of transferring H1b from my previous employer to Farmers and in this 6-year journey (I have an old approved I140) I went through various hurdles and this team helped me without hesitating and provided all possible options with transparency and honesty. They are patient with repeated requests when I lost my patience with USCIS delays. This team did complete immigration until today of getting PR. Finally, Tahreem Kalam is a very accessible and honest person which makes you feel instantly at ease. Without her help, I would probably still be waiting for my green card approval. If you are looking for an affordable law firm, that actually treats you like a real person and makes everything run smoothly, then you have found it!

Juan H.


They were very professional and fast, helped me successfully with my case.

Jackie S.


As an individual aspiring to become a US citizen, I reached out for legal representation at MMH immigration attorneys. A very good friend recommended me to Attorney Beata Leja who, along with her paralegal Elizabeth Morales, are a true blessing for me always in communication and advising me. It was a pleasure working with both. Thank you for your humble dedication and professionalism. Thank you for my congratulatory packet. I’m ready to travel the world and I owe this accomplishment to both of you lovely ladies. May God Bless and watch over you always and also, MMH immigration law firm offers the best representation and payment plans. I will definitely recommend them.

Reuel D.


I was fortunate to receive the services of this firm, represented by Beata L and then tag-teamed by Aaron L. It is one thing to interact with Attorneys who just be default know and do their profession efficiently. But when it comes to these two, I cannot emphasize enough the prompt communications on updates, attention to detail, and level of prioritization they put forth in my case. They not only just accounted for everything in a prompt manner on their end but also did so well in helping me understand every step of the phase, setting expectations, and leaving no grey areas. One another example of just going above and beyond is when they proactively got me an earlier appointment for my case, soon after knowing another client had to cancel and there was an open slot that could be claimed. I am so pleased and thankful for their involvement and commitment throughout the process.

Jade T.


James has been with us since 2013, he established my husband becoming a u.s resident and now a u.s citizen. So grateful for all the work he has helped us with. He is very knowledgeable and his Spanish speaking skills are amazing. Always gave us comfort in both processes. Magaly and Grace were wonderful to work with they answered emails and phone calls very fast. So happy with James and his team. Highly recommend 100%.

Saurabh K.


Attorney Aaron was fantastic. He was diligent and thorough and explained everything about the process as we worked through it. Glad to have selected him and MMH!

Arthur N.


Our experience with Beata Leja was exceptional from start to finish. We were aware of every step and status the whole way through the process. Every step was well thought out, reviewed and submitted with no mistakes the first time. We were well prepared for every question before meeting with federal officials and were able to answer every question asked of us without any issues. My wife and I would recommend Beata and firm to anyone needing immigration advice and citizenship advice at a very fair price.

Jair G.


Exceeded expectations. Beata and her team were very helpful throughout my whole process of getting an O-1B visa, which is hard to get. They answered all my concerns and needs and questions, ensured that I had the proper paperwork and preparation for my visa process and walked me several times through the necessary steps.

Sudheer B.


Best services provided by the team with timely response.

Mirella L.


Working with Tahreen and the team was amazing. They are all very responsive, empathetic and their expertise went above and beyond our expectations. Even at times where we found ourselves without a solution, Tahreen’s out-of-the-box mindset got us to the perfect results. Thank you for bringing us a step closer to our dreams.

Arcelia A.


My sincere thanks to Attorney James Hallagan, Ms. Magaly and her entire team; They have made my dream come true with impeccable work and in a short time. May God bless you and strengthen you so that you continue helping people like me who have come to this country in search of an opportunity and a change of life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Aditya P.


Very fortunate to have found MMHPC. They have been very helpful with our VISA concerns and applications. Highly recommend MMHPC if you have any issues related to immigration.

Natasa Z.


I would like to thank Mr. Robert Vinikoor and Mr. Aaron Lawee for all their help and support during my case. Absolutely amazing attorney office and a great group of educated people! Highly recommend this office! I’m so grateful for choosing them!

Maria A.


Highly recommend! Very professional, helpful, easy to get in contact with, and prioritized all my questions and concerns. Have been with them for 7 years!

Carol D.


Best Firm in Illinois, Aaron Helped me tremendously with my entire process, very thankful to work with him.

Richard C.


I highly recommend MMH!! They were amazing throughout the process of getting my wife approved for her green card. After being denied the first time I was heart broken but they picked up the pieces and made it happen. I can’t express how thankful I am for their help in keeping my family together!!

Dorababu K.

These immigration attorneys are so professional and talented resources. The last couple of years I got a couple of services from this firm never had any difference in getting necessary services. I am so thankful to Angie, Kalam Tahreem and other members.

Shu T.


Tahreem, Angie, and the whole team have been really patient and dedicated to helping navigate the complicated and convoluted green card petition process from the beginning to the end so that our lives are made easier! Very professional team that responds to our questions in such a timely manner so that we are very well-informed throughout the entire process. Much appreciated!!

Jose M.


My experience with the firm was the best I could have asked for. Given the lengthy process, they were with me all the way. Providing me the support necessary to achieve my goal. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Mr. Hallagan.

Robert L.


We had the opportunity to work with Aaron Lawee on an adjustment of status case, and everything went extremely smoothly. Throughout the process, Aaron was helpful and informative, and was also very quick to respond to any question or comment that we might have had. We are sure that because of Aaron’s commitment to our case, we were able to move through the process quickly and without any hiccups. We had our green card interview today, and we see the online notice of our approval this evening. Thank you Aaron!

Nikola G.


Aaron did a fantastic job working with us on our K1 and Adjustment of Status applications. He went over and above to reassure us, and get us through some challenging times and overcome hurdles that came up, especially with the delays caused by the pandemic. He is professional, knowledgeable, and he genuinely cares about his clients. Thank you Aaron, for all of your hard work!

Robin M.


Our attorney Aaron was friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and helped to guide us seamlessly through our interactions with USCIS.

Lucas K.


Highly recommend this firm. Beata has been incredibly helpful throughout my entire journey from applying for naturalization and answering my questions and concerns and ensuring I had all of the documents I needed, to walking me through the interview and what I should bring and prepare for. I was able to walk in confident knowing that I had all documentation that might be needed and that I knew I was well prepared for it. Additionally, her knowledge of the process for LGBTQ+ immigrants was incredibly helpful. I don’t know that I would have been able to do this without significantly more stress if it weren’t for her, which I’m very grateful for.

Arlex M.


Aaron Lawee is one of the best immigration attorneys in the country.

Lorenzo P.


The MMHPC Immigration Attorneys had helped many of my family members and me. My process was surprisingly quick. Through the whole process, they had been very professional. Always answering promptly every question that I had. They also were able to accommodate me with Spanish-speaking personal. Special thanks to Magaly Burciaga for all your help.

Fatima M.


I have first hand experience with this Law firm for my H1-B and Green card process. Here are a few things that I really appreciate about working with them :
1. Super prompt and always on top of deadlines or changes that apply to your case as and when new law is made.
2. Very organized and clear in every step of application and communication.
3. The entire team cares about your application/process and works patiently with you and gives suggestions as and when application hits a hurdle. Making already stressful process easier on us.
Special thanks to Beata Leja and Elizabeth Morales. I have had very very positive experience with them last 7.5 years since they have handled my case. I would strongly recommend them for any legal work they specialize in.

Rajat D.


I begun my permanent residency process with MMHPC and recently received my Naturalization Certificate, under Attorney Beata Leja, she made my application work like a piece of cake. Very detail oriented and knowledgeable lawyer with highest professional

Mira W.

We are extremely satisfied with our experience at Minksy, McCormick, and Hallagan, especially with Mr. Hallagan and Zeena B. They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions we had. We would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an immigration attorney.

Roksana B.

Mr. Hallagan provided us very thoughtful advice.

Maria G.

El abogado james hallagan y su equipo me ayudaron con mi caso de migración 100 por ciento recomendable tan bien Miguel Torres muy atento siempre contestaba mis llamadas.

Hassan D.

Myself and wife are very thankful to attorney Beata Leja and her assistant Elizabeth Morales for a great help with diversity visa and adjustment of status from pending asylum which were approved successfully. They made it so easy though our case was quite complicated and in very short period in less 3 months, the help of professional the attorney it was approved fast . Beata Leja is a very experienced, knowledgeable and professional attorney and I could strongly recommend this law firm to all my friends dealing with the immigration process . Thank you very much Beata and Elizabeth, additionally we would also thanks attorney Zeena Barazanji for her follow up and support during this period.

Mariia N.

Me and my husband are very thankful to attorney Beata Leja, Miguel Torres and Sandy Ayala for a great help with our case IR-1 visa and 2 waivers which were approved successfully. They made it so easy though our case was quite complicated. My I-130 form had been pending for almost 3 years and with the help of this professional team of attorneys it was approved fast . Beata Leja is a very experienced, knowledgeable and professional attorney and I could strongly recommend this law firm to all my friends dealing with the emigration process . Thank you very much !!!

Sadaqat A.

Good Morning, I am very happy with the services of this firm. Especially I appreciate Attorny Mr Robert Vinikoor and Attorny Jeffrey D. Cohn. Attorney Jeffer is always very helpful. His way of dealing with clients is awesome. Mr Robert having a long experience of immigration field that’s why Clients get good advice every time. My best wishes are with both of them n this esteemed organization. With best regards .



Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
I just wanted to say that Minsky McCormick Law Firm is truly amazing. I have worked with Beata personally and I can’t express enough my gratitude for her and what she did for me. She has fought for me and help me achieve my goals. I truly encourage everyone to go to her because she is a phenomenal lawyer and she will do everything she can do help you out

Maylcol P.

Hallagan won’t let his clients fail. His mantra is “lent now, mardi gras later.” I attributes my success to his colleagues at Minsky, McCormick



I would like to thank all of the wonderful attorneys and staff with MMH especially Ms Beata Leja, Aaron Lawee


Attorney Tahreem Kalam was excellent in handling our file. She is professional, proactive and has a patient and helpful approach which makes working with her a pleasure. Thank you!

John K


I worked with Beata for my whole family’s entire visas(L1B extension, H1B) and the GC application. She and her team made it so easy even though my case was a little complicated. Beata’s well experienced attorney and someone I can really trust when it comes to deal with the immigration.


Mi esposo y yo optamos por usar el servicio con MMHPC y quien llevo nuestro caso de migración fue el Abogado Andres Diaz, quien por su parte fue muy amable en todo momento al resolver todas nuestras dudas e inquietudes, es un abogado muy profesional que en todo momento se mantiene al pendiente del caso, incluso con nosotros nos preparo para la entrevista y estuvo con nosotros en todo momento. Quedamos muy satisfechos con el servicio y sin duda alguna lo recomendamos totalmente.



It was a great experience to work with Minsky, McCormick

David Trace

My case has now entered the final stages of the process and has thus been passed on from the capable hands of Miguel Torres to Sandy Ayala.

Miguel has been handling my case since shortly after James Hallagan accepted it. I just want to say that Miguel has been a pleasure to work with. He has been available, thorough, and communicative. He also has a soft manner about him yet he never deviates from the legal course the case necessitates. Thank you Miguel. Your effort and style is appreciated.

Alejandro M.


I first met Beata Leja at a fundraiser for university students with undocumented status. For me, meeting her there was a positive and authentic sign seeing her commitment to supporting immigrants whether they were her clients or not. Fast forward 6 months, i had the opportunity to adjust status and reached out to her to take on my case. Her welcoming and patient approach made it easy to connect with her and have a smooth legal process. Her team was stellar in following up, keeping me up-to-date, and confident in my case. It was a seamless experience because she was always detailed and precise in her notes and questions. She also prepared us for the interview and walked us step-by-step which calmed my anxiety. I highly recommend Beata to anyone who needs legal representation. She has your best interest as a professional and at heart. Hire Beata as your next immigration lawyer.

Harish K.


Beata and Vincente from MMHPC have worked on my H1B transfer petition. They were very professional and answered all my questions on priority. My visa transfer petition was handled very smoothly and Thankfully, with their esteemed service my case was approved very early. I’m grateful that my case was addressed very fast and I’m very much impressed with MMHPC and their services, I’ll definitely reach out to them for future services.

Ellen S.


My husband and I have used MMHPC for over 3 years for all of our immigration needs. They have been wonderfully responsive, knowledgeable, and have helped us successfully navigate the complex waters of immigration. We definitely recommend their services!

Mi marido y yo hemos usado MMHPC desde hace más de 3 años para todo nuestros asuntos de inmigración. Son muy atentos, informados, y nos han ayudado navegar el laberinto complejo que es la inmigración con mucho éxito. ¡Recomendamos sus servicios sin duda!


Jeffery Cohn was great to work with, i really recommend this firm. The whole team was awesome and always helpful

Yocelyn T.

I want to thank Mr. Hallagan specially to Miguel he was working with us very patient and very professional .

Ayesha A.

Tahreem Kalam was very responsive and incredibly thorough in walking our team through the H1-B process. She is clearly very experienced and had an answer for every question. Tahreem helped us feel knowledgeable and comfortable about the process.

Pradeep G.

The transition was smooth and the turn around was really quick. Service is outstanding with frequent updates on case status. Attorneys have time and extremely patient to clarify and answer the concerns and questions of clients. Chandini – I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. You are amazing and excellent, thank you for being helpful.

Esther W

Did a great job with my change of status . I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks Alot

Marcela C.

I recently witnessed attorney Ana Maria Echiburu Tyrell and assistant Miguel Torres at work when they traveled to a little town called Morton, Mississippi, to give free consultations after the horrific ICE raids took place there. They genuinely cared about each client who came for a consultation. Most of the clients didn’t speak English, but Ana Maria and Miguel managed to communicate with them easily as Miguel also served as an interpreter. This collaborative effort made people –who were already experiencing extremely stressful situations– more comfortable and at ease. In addition, Ms. Tyrell stayed focused as she tried to find every possible solution to the clients’ problems. They listened patiently towards each story. I was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend them. They are the best of the best!

Aaron S.

I’m Recommend this company, they have excellent service and they have good support in this case they taked.
In my experience, I contact this lower Andres Diaz. He welling to have the time to answer all my questions.
In the time when I needed help for my wife case immigration Andres Diaz giveing me some advice from my wife case.
My opinion for Andre Diaz I give him a 10 stars, he is friendly and hard work he always there when I need him.


They really know what they are doing. We had an EXCELLENT experience!


This man is amazing, you were very helpful, i appreciate the translator and the quick processing!


Efrain M.


All I have to say is wonderful things about this law firm! My experience was a smooth road thanks to the knowledge and dedication of my attorney Beata Leja. She gave me all the confidence I needed since day one, thanks to her professionalism and realistic explanation of the entire process on my case. I have recommended her services to people that I know personally and they could not be happier with Beata’s help. There’s plenty of shady immigration lawyers out there that only take advantage of people’s desperation, but I can totally suggest this firm for your immigration services. I’m sure all of their lawyers are as professional, but I would recommend Beata Leja; not only she is caring and super smart, but she has also made it to the 2018 list of “40 UNDER Fourty” Law Bulletin Media for Illinois Attorneys, which I’m sure is not that easy to get to unless you have what it takes and she’s got it. She’s also involved with nonprofit organizations, which also shows her compassion and dedication to helping others! Way to go Beata! My respect and admiration for you and your career.

Crystal G.

My Husband & I worked with Beata Leja and her team to obtain my husband’s residence. She is absolutely the BEST! I highly recommend her. She is very professional, explains every detail, was patient and very helpful in any questions we had. She made us feel that everything was going to be ok every time we would meet up. We are forever grateful. Thank you Beata Leja!!!!

I give them 10 stars!!!!!

Ana A.


Abogado Hallagan muy amable y muy apegado a sus casos y sus clientes , excelente persona

Tal G.


Retained their services after my green card case kept getting delayed for over two years. I worked with Beata and she did a fantastic job in getting USCIS to start shifting gears and grant the green card. She was fast to respond and kept her finger on the pulse of the application. Her advice was helpful and accurate and having her on the case did a lot to relieve my stress when my EAD expired and I was waiting for renewal. Highly recommended. Beata’s help was invaluable for my case.

Cecylia S.


I feel very very lucky to meet Beata Leja (& her team) on my way and be able to work with her. Superior professionalism. I was in trouble, she found a way and took me out of it. Now I am a happy Green Card holder and I can continue developing my career without worries.

Ian T.


Prior to moving to Chicago, my partner and I faced plenty of uncertainty about the visa application process due to our unique family circumstance. However, meeting Beata was truly a turning point in what would have been a daunting process! From the get-go, it was clear that Beata was attentive, caring, and knowledgeable about the entire immigration process. Even when USCIS dropped the ball on several occasions, Beata would always be one step ahead, and would consult with us strategically to figure out a way to move the process forward. If you’re reading this review, you’re probably in a similar situation as we were in, facing doubt and uncertainty about a process that’s overly complicated. All I can say is that you are in the best hands, as we experienced throughout our application. Her knowledge of the immigration process is unparalleled, but it’s really her genuine warmth, and dedication to her clients that’s remarkable. Thank you, Beata!

Emanuele B.


I worked with Beata Leja and her colleagues to obtain my US citizenship. Very professional team and a pleasure to work with. I recently did my oath ceremony!

Ye H.


I was a client of Ana Maria Echiburu. She is knowledgeable, straightforward, and most professional. She could explain complex matters in simple language, so I had a clear understanding every step of the way.

Fridder L.


Ana María Tyrrell is a very fine professional whose advice and knowledge is amazing. I’m glad I got to know her and that she helped me with my legal status. I will definitely keep working with her.

Abhishek S.


Beata is a wonderful professional who help me immensely against all odds. I had an EB based green card case but I was running my own business. All the “so called” leading immigration lawyers were telling me it is impossible to do and the quoted me an enormous amount of money. However, Beata looked at my case and said that she is very confident of resolving it. She charged a fraction of the price that other lawyers were asking and took care of the case to completion.

I am very thank you to her. She is a wonderful human being and a very knowledgeable lawyer who is diligent, honest and trustworthy.

They are the best immigration lawyers and very cost effective & efficient. Beata is the most astute lawyer I ever met. Her and her staff have tremendous knowledge, diligence, and ethics. She will make sure that you get the best service possible. Very very good folks. I highly recommend anyone who needs immigration services.

Chika M.


Great law firm… Highly recommended!

Roman J.


I had a complicated case related to employment-based greencard where my paperwork got screwed up by the previous attorney.
The mistake was a clerical error but could have had serious consequences on my stay in the country.

Derek from MMH recommended very strategic approach that gave me extra time to get everything sorted out. It has worked out very well.

The staff of MMH is very professional and committed. They respond well to questions and explain everything in detail. It has been great working with them.

Saul I.


Working with Ana María Echiburu Tyrrell was a great experience. She helped me switched my visa status from student to a R-1 visa. Her knowledge and experience made me feel very comfortable knowing I am in great hands. Will definitely recommend her to my friends, family, and more.

Brian H.


Beata was able to help me in a very complicated case. I started working with another attorney from a different law firm. Things were not going well until I moved my case to Beata’s practice. She is professional in every matter and very easy to communicate with. What is most important she is up to date with all changes in the law( which as I experienced is not always the case with every attorney) and she knows how to use her knowledge to your advantage.

Carlos L.


They are doing great work!

Norka C.


Muy buen servicio en inmigración.

EnRico W.

I wish we could yell from the rooftops regarding Beata Leja and this firm. Professional, always responsive and expedient in communications. We will ALWAYS use MMHPC no matter where we move. We are now in Houston because of a promotion and learned quickly that we were blessed to find this firm and will always deal with Beata!

Masha L.


My experience with Beata Leja was exceptional. Attorney Leja and her team have done an outstanding job in my H1-B petition, she was working on my case even after business hours because it was time-sensitive. They also did a fantastic job advising my employer on how to handle the case correctly and informed me the first minute they knew about my application results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Attorney Leja and Minsky, McCormick & Hallagan, P.C. to anyone who is looking for immigration assistance.

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